Super Selfie Tip #2: Mirror the Image

One of the quickest and easiest tips to help take your selfies to the next level is to simply "flip" or "mirror" your images so that any text is clearly readable and legible! 

We're gonna walk through how to easily achieve this prior to posting in the next few steps! 


  1. With the Photos app open, tap the image you want to flip.

  2. In the upper-right corner of the screen, tap Edit.

  3. Tap the crop icon. It looks like a box with overlapping lines and has two arced arrows pointing in different directions.

4. In the upper left corner, tap the flip icon. It looks like two triangles and has a line with two arrows pointed in opposite directions.

5. To save your flipped image, just tap Done.



  1.  Open the image you wish to mirror or flip. 
  2. Select the edit or pencil option. 
  3. Click the 2 triangles with the line. This is for a "horizontal mirror" option. 
  4. Click save and your done! 
  5. Yes it's that easy! 

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