Super Selfie Tip #3: Lights, Camera, Action

I know, I know, you said in your last blog to elevate the camera up high. Well, like with anything there are exceptions. What makes this selfie of Cara Will superb is due to her natural lighting and body position. ie: the tilt of the head and chin downward. Enough of that, let's move on. :) This is a killer photo. 

Lighting. One of the numero uno ways to really ramp up your selfie game. 

Natural lighting is preferred because it is soft and diffused. 
Diffused:  spread or cause to spread over a wide area

If you have a window that lets in indirect light, face the window or angle your face slightly to cast a very soft shadow. 
Indirect Lighting: the source of light is hidden and the light spreads through the room via reflection on the ceiling, floor, or wall, as such eliminating dazzle and shadows

If you are standing under a awning or covering, take a step outward and let the light hit your face directly.

Remember: Taking pictures toward direct sunlight will cause issues, always create an angle of some sort.

If you want to really get fancy with it, you can try the "Rembrandt Lighting Method" which is basically angling your face toward a light source so that it casts a shadow on the other half. Look at the photo below. You will know when you get it just right by the small triangle of light on the shadowed side of your face. This is an extreme example, however can be achieved just like in the selfie above of Cara Will. 

Having a tough time finding natural lighting? We got you boo. Ring lights are AMAZING! Not only do they cast a light source (most of them have different settings) but they also give you the ability to take selfies and film videos hands free.

Here we see Ali Sullivan utilizing her ring light to go hands free, create a light source and also create depth perception (another tip for another day)

If you're like me and ballin' on a budget, Amazon has some decent quality ring lights that are very affordable. I just so happen to have a link for you: 

Keep in mind the more you pay the better quality you will receive when it comes to sturdier bases, and light sources. Some even come with remotes :)

I even heard that you can earn a ring light during Success Sprints this quarter. 

I hope your enjoying these tips! I can't wait to see you practice them! 

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