Super Selfie Tip #4: To Smile or Not to Smile?

How are your expressions in your photos? 

Do they appear authentic? 

Do you look like you're having fun? 

Do they look like you're forcing yourself to smile? 

Did you know that a smile begins with the mouth and ends with the soul? 

That seems funny to say, but they say the pathway to a person's soul is in their eyes. Smiles are finished and gain their authentic value by looking at someone's eyes. 

I found a great example of fake vs real when it comes to smiling: 

fake happiness versus real happiness

Can you spot the differences? 

When a true smile is shown, the eyes change shape, even producing what we commonly call "crows feet" in the corners! The upper cheeks take on a different appearance or the "apple" look. 

If we are wanting people to see the "happiness" side of our businesses, shouldn't we ensure the content or media we put out truly shows authentic happiness? 

Be cautious of lower facial smiles, smirks, or one sided smiles. They can convey an entire different meaning! 

A great authentic smile paired with a charismatic action can be a selling point in your media! (ie: Crystal Emeigh's rock on hand gestures)  We will discuss this later :)

I've said it once, I'll say it again, TAKE MULTIPLE selfies of the same pose! Relax your face, take yourself to a happy place and even chuckle during the photo! This will help you capture just the right moment when your smile and eyes convey what you want said, without saying it! 


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