Super Selfie Tip #5 Background Awareness


If you made it this far, you should have read "Background Awareness or Be Aware of Your background" at least 3 times. 

I can not say this enough! 

When you go to take your #SuperSelfie, look in your camera and see what is in the background. Plain backgrounds or solid colors are ok, but after one or two pics, they get old. 

Pick a nice textured wall, a pleasant floral background or garden, a neat looking piece of architecture. 

Things to avoid: 
 -Messy or unkempt rooms. 
 -Cluttered or messy desks ie: cords everywhere etc. 
 -Dirty floors
 -Dark or backgrounds that you get lost in. 

Also: Be aware of photobombers and mirrors...

Mirror selfies turn out great, but please MAKE SURE YOUR MIRROR IS CLEAN! 

Photobombers can be a unique addition, if they are on your team! :) If your in a social setting, make sure the people are behaving in your background or even dressed appropriately! 

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