Super Selfie Tips #1: Get the Angle

Starting a new series!

How to achieve that "Super Selfie" for social media posting!

Have you ever wondered how some selfies seem to just reach out and grab you?

There are several ways to set your selfies apart! (You want your selfies to draw attention! That's why we post them!)


Getting that dynamic look is about choosing just the right angle.

The easiest trick to achieving this is by placing the phone at a level that creates a new angle. Place the bottom of the phone at eye level. Point your chin downward, but not too far! ie: don't look up at the phone.

Never take a selfie from an angle that is below your face. Only a few people in the world can pull this one off! Me personally, it creates a third chin and isn't flattering for me. (This is why I'm growing a beard)

Laugh if you want to a this one, but, selfie sticks are great for achieving angles. You can hold the phone higher and it will eliminate that "straight on" appearance!

While we're talking angles, tilt your head ever so slightly until you achieve that rockin' selfie!

 This photo of Savannah Daye Williams  is such a great example of not only a great angle, but several other tips we will be discussing in the days to come 🙂

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