21 Day Social Media Overhaul
21 Day Social Media Overhaul
21 Day Social Media Overhaul

21 Day Social Media Overhaul

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Starting May 16th!!!

So you've read the posts, watched the trainings and know the "things" you're supposed to be doing on social media, but how do you actually APPLY that to your niche, your content, your personality, your sales, etc? How do you go from having this amazing info to your brain actually using it and generating sales? That's what this course is all about! Sure, you can watch all the training, but why not have someone hold your hand through it and guide YOU on your journey? By the end of this course, you won't just know the info, but you will have put it into practice and see your social media transform before your eyes. If you're tired of spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere, then this course is for you!!!

Here is what you'll get:

7 Days on Instagram

  • Creating & revamping your bio

  • Narrowing Down your Niche

  • Discovering Your Ideal Client

  • How to batch plan and schedule content

  • Finding the right hashtags for YOU

  • How to create reels and what kind of reels are best for your network

  • Stories 101

  • How to convert contacts to sale

7 Days on Facebook

  • How to use fb groups

  • Batch creating content

  • Finding new leads

  • Hosting Events

  • How to get authentic engagement

7 Days will Be Dedicated to Individual Consultation & Analysis of your social media as well as Q&A calls and catch up time 👇🏻👇🏻

  • (2) Hour Long Zoom Trainings
  • Social Group of dedicated to entrepreneurs working along side of one one another, encouraging one another and helping each other out
  • Q&A Sessions 
21 Day Social Media Overhaul