VIP Incentive Card

VIP Incentive Card

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This was created with uplines in mind! 

In order to incentivize your teams, this card is only $20, however will hold the value of $29.98, which is the cost of one, premium, Bella Canvas, short sleeve shirt. 

Message us and we will issue you a discount code to purchase these for $20. 

This passwords will change monthly. 

We understand that your time is valuable, so we've made incentivizing your teams easy. Purchase as many incentives as your team has earned, and all you have to do is send them the electronic code. This will enable them to purchase any Bella Canvas short sleeve tee of their choosing at no cost. As a bonus, if they would like to purchase any tee over the value of $29.98, they may do so and pay the difference. 

We trust that everyone requesting this password is utilizing this opportunity for what it is as we offer these incentives to assist team growth as we do not profit from this. These will be monitored closely. We can see who uses the codes and how frequently. We love each of you, but if abuse is suspected, we will discontinue this offer.